Links to Great Sites
Here  are some links to sites that contain more information, including  medical information as well as peer support that may be available to you  in your area of residence.
Please take a look at this site to learn about co-infection with Hep C and HIV.
CATC is the Canadian Treatment Action Council
This organization is in Canada, and it deals with issues around Tx issues, as well as other related topics.

Organ  Donation is something that I believe in strongly. There is a group  that  I know, who is doing wonderful work in this area of great  importance.

Daryl Luster

"The mission of Organ Transplant Initiative (OTI) is; "To ensure that  anyone who needs a blood, tissue or organ transplant can get one; to  offer support and encouragement to transplant patients and families,  donor families, living donors and caregivers and to be an accurate and  timely resource for information."
I  am now the president of the Pacific Hepatitis C Network. This is an  organization that is made up of members who are working in many areas of  Hep C patient advocacy, as well as raising awareness and removing the  stigma and lack of understanding about Hepatitis C.

This is a good place to go for information about Cirrhosis. Sadly it is  an outcome for some people with Hep C. The information is put together  in an easy to read format. 


This is a website for people who are looking for information and understanding about HCV, and US Military Vets
Please support their fight for justice.